5 Most Popular Classic Video Game Characters in History

5 Most Popular Classic Video Game Characters in History

Did you know that 43% of American adults say they play video games often?

Videogames have become a staple in our culture, and the digital age has made it even easier to access amazing titles. However, video games have been around for decades now.

If you are an old-school gamer, you probably like to dust off old releases when you are feeling nostalgic. But which of those video game characters has stood the test of time?

We are here to fill you in! Keep reading below to learn a bit more about five of the most classic video game characters!

1. Famous Retro Characters: Pac-Man

Pac-Man's simple design is timeless, and old-school gamers will surely remember fleeing the multi-colored ghosts while gobbling up red dots. Pac-Man was first introduced in 1980 and has an interesting origin story.

Pac-Man was originally called "Puck-Man" in Japan because of his character design, which resembles that of a hockey puck. However, creators feared that it would defame the name on arcade machines following an international release. Thus, the beloved character's name was changed to Pac-Man.

2. Link

Link is one of the most well-known fantasy video game characters of all time. He is the major character in Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series, and he is grown a lot since his first appearance in 1986.

Link was developed with the intention of being a relatable character. While he develops skills and magical powers throughout the story, he begins the games as a regular young boy.

3. Unforgettable Classic Characters: Sonic the Hedgehog

From games to a TV show to a full-fledged movie, there is practically nothing this little blue hedgehog cannot do! Sonic was born in 1991, as SEGA was attempting to develop a character that could rival the ever-growing Mario game series by Nintendo.

Sonic's blue color was selected to match the SEGA logo, and he was initially dubbed "Mr. Needlemouse" during his character pitch. Sonic has perhaps one of the most interesting character designs, as we have known it to change across different media and various games. However, the telltale blue color and red shoes will always give him away!

4. Pikachu,

Did you know that Pikachu's character design, especially the telltale chubby cheeks, was based on squirrels? Pikachu is the name of its entire Pokémon species.

However, it has also become synonymous with the specific Pokémon that the chief character, Ash, acquires as his first Pokémon. This electric-type Pokémon has become a fan-favorite, and you will see him pop up in various other games, such as a playable character in Super Smash Bros.

5. Globally Recognized Classic Video Game Characters: Mario

Mario from the Super Mario Bros. franchise is arguably the most popular and well-known video game character in history. Mario has a unique backstory, though.

We originally introduced him in the old-school 1981 Donkey Kong arcade game. Mario was initially a carpenter instead of a plumber, as the Donkey Kong game took place at a construction site. They labeled Mario as "Jumpman" in the game's English instructions.

Mario has strengthened over the decades, and his design is instantly recognizable. Everyone is familiar with the plumber, and he has appeared in hundreds of Nintendo games, most notably the Mario Party collection and the Mario Kart series.

Reliving the Classics

Whether you are a professional gamer or just a casual button-smasher, you will undoubtedly recognize some classic video game characters above. These characters are legendary, and we are sure you will see more of them in future game releases!

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