Aim Training: How To Drastically Improve Your Aim (in Any FPS)

How To Drastically Improve Your Aim (in Any FPS)

Bang! You are dead, again.

If you are struggling with Recurring FPS Game Over Depression (not a real medical condition), we can help. Specifically, we can, and will, help you improve your aim with this aim training guide.

Like Yoda, this guide is short, practical, and full of delicious wisdom nuggets you may not have come across before. For instance, did you know that what you eat can affect how you aim? It is true.

Learn all about this and other excellent ways to get better aim with this guide.

1. Practice: There is a reason this point is so stupidly obvious. Practice is an inescapable part of getting better at things. But let us break this down into applicable steps so that you can practice more efficiently.

First off, you probably already know where your skill level stands compared to other players. And if you are constantly beaten down by them, that is not an effective difficulty level to practice with.

1-Player Mode: You know what we are saying. You are going to have to carve some hours out of your weekly schedule to practice in the one-player mode.

Do not be embarrassed. You need the practice. (Just make sure no one ever finds out.) We are kidding about that last part. If your friends are gamer shamers, just tell them you are trying to 100% this batch and they'll find something else to make fun of.

Training Missions: Furthermore, every game has at least one training mode. Usually, there are several training missions plus a story mode that will help you hone your skills. Do all of these and keep at it with them until you achieve the highest scores possible.

A bonus benefit to practicing the training missions is that your progress is automatically recorded. It lets you clearly see how you are improving each time you beat your high score. This is also very motivating.

2. Try a Peripheral: Choose your weapon. Maybe you are just not good with the controller you're using. Try a different controller  or a gun peripheral. Find out which type of physical device your hands aim best with.

3. Adjust the Control Settings: On the other hand, maybe it is not the controller's fault. Maybe you cannot aim well because the controller is set to super-sensitive mode. That is, it darts back and forth so fast that you cannot get a lock on your target.

See if you can adjust how sensitive the aiming control is. Keep tweaking with the settings until you find a balance that you are more successful with.

You might have better luck switching the button configuration around, too. Similarly, adjust the settings of any peripherals you use.

4. Adjust the Settings of Your Hands: There is more than one way to hold a game controller while playing. You might try adopting an alternative gaming method, like holding the controller "claw style."

5. Steady Your Hands: Lastly, no amount of practice will counter the negative effects of unsteady hands. Fortunately, there are lifestyle changes you can make that will help with this.

No, we do not suggest the Solid Snake Method: smoking tobacco and downing muscle relaxers to steady your hands while sniping. But avoiding excess caffeine and alcohol helps. So does eating a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Ultimately, there are a lot of stretches, vitamins, and dietary changes you can research and try to steady your hands.

Remember This Aim Training Guide

Congratulations, you have unlocked an achievement! That is, this completes your basic aim training for today.

However, the rest is up to you. Follow these tips, and keep following them, to get better aim in first-person shooters.

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