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SEGA Genesis Flashback 2018  With 85 Built-in Games
SEGA Genesis Flashback 2018 With 85 Built-in Games

Sega Genesis Flashback 2018 Classic Game Console | 85 Built-in Games

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Sega Genesis Flashback 2018

When it comes to gaming, the console makes all the difference. A reliable, well-built console is the difference between the pure enjoyment of your favorite hobby and cursing a faulty setup, unable to game at all.

There are only so many hours a day available to game. Don’t waste them! If you want to make the most of your gaming time, then a robust gaming console is what you need.

The Sega Genesis Flashback classic gaming console includes a long list of perks, from its wide range of preloaded games to the feature-rich construction, this is the go-to console for your gaming needs.

Crisp 720p HDMI Output
The output is one of the elements that matter most when it comes to gaming, and getting a console with just the right output makes all the difference. That’s where the 720p HDMI output of this gaming console shines.

This feature brings forth brilliant graphics on your HDTV, allowing you to really feel the game, thus bringing out the thrill of the action with every turn.

High-Performance Wireless Controllers
Without well-performing controllers, what’s the point in gaming at all? This console comes equipped with two 2.4 top-performance wireless controllers that allow for reliable and high caliber play. Many consoles don’t include wireless controllers, adding an extra purchase to your list, but this one does.

Please note that each of the controllers requires 2 AAA batteries; order them at the same time as your console so that you’re ready to game the moment it arrives!

Preloaded with Games, Lots of Games
Purchasing a console is typically only half the battle, followed by the ever-important question of what games should you play with it? Make the decision easy by purchasing the Sega Genesis console, which comes preloaded with a wide variety of games, so there is something for every type of gamer.

This console comes with a barrage of 85 thrilling games, which include the Sonic series, the Phantasy StarTM series, as well as Mortal Kombat series, just to name a few. But wait! There’s more: you also receive a complete SEGA Genesis library, with a whopping 1000+ games that you can enjoy and play to your heart’s content.

Multiple Display Ports
You will definitely want a bit of flexibility when it comes to the display of your console, and the more options, the better. This unit offers just that, coming with multiple display modes that allow you to set it exactly the way you want it.

Take Charge of Your Gaming
This console is built to allow you to take charge of the way you game, which is why it also comes with a resume and rewind capability, allowing you to enjoy the games you love the most more than once.

If you are on the hunt for a classic gaming console, this SEGA Genesis unit fits the bill. It is easy to use, comes jam-packed with great features, and at $159, it offers incredible value. Better yet, it also has two ports for legacy controllers for wired gaming pads. If you want to game this way, be sure to purchase the two legacy controllers separately, as those specific controllers are not included in this package.

Take advantage of our free shipping offer today to enjoy a classic gaming console featuring all the bells and whistles along with a host of engaging games.

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