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Sega Genesis Mod Service

For some gamers, the word nostalgia may bring up thoughts of Atari or Nintendo, but for many who grew up in the 90s, Sega Genesis is the first that comes to mind. Thankfully, SEGA has released a mini console to relive the memories of yesteryear. If you are looking to relive those nostalgic moments of Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage 2, pick up your mini-console and purchase the Sega Genesis MOD Service, giving you an even larger selection of games and memories.

This Service will provide you with over 1,700 classic SEGA games. Keep in mind, the service does not include the mini console. You must purchase your own to use the mod service, but once you do, you will have hours of games available at your fingertips.

The Games

Do not worry about missing out on your favorite Genesis game again. The mod service pulls games from a variety of SEGA consoles, including: 

  • SEGA Genesis (complete library) - 796 games
  • SEGA 1000 - 200 games
  • SEGA Master System - 466 games
  • SEGA Game Gear - 256 games
  • SEGA 32X -35 games
From Mega-Man to Guile, you will have your hands full replaying your favorite games and experiencing some you may have missed.

The Process

After purchasing the mod service, you are required to pay for the shipping of the console. Once it is received, over 1,700 games will be added to your console, and then it will go through a functionality test to confirm that your console is working perfectly.

Your console will then be cleaned, sanitized, and safely packed away. It will be shipped back to you, free of charge, via USPS Priority Mail, where you can expect it to arrive within one-to-three business days. Once you receive your console, the package will include a USB drive and a set of instructions to have you on your way to play the games you grew up with. Get yours at Bayer Computer Solutions!


If you already own the mini console, the mod service will cost you $112.95, but it is currently on sale for under $100. Even at full price, that breaks down to about $0.07 per game: a cost that is well worth it, considering the price you may pay at a second-hand store or independent seller for original, used versions.

While game consoles are becoming full entertainment hubs and video games evolved into cinematic experiences, it is sometimes nice to take a step back and see how far they have come. Re-immerse yourself in Castelvania or Earthworm Jim beat the game that eluded you as a child or re-experience a storyline from a new perspective. If you have kids, show them the games that you grew up with and they may grow to love them as well.

Gaming is constantly developing, and SEGA has provided a chance to relive some legendary games thanks to their mini console, but do not stop there. Purchase this service and have an endless array of games to relive or experience for the first time. Play the games that made you fall in love with gaming in the first place.

Do not have a Genesis console? Why not purchase a brand-new one today and enjoy over 1700 games?

Sega Genesis Mini Console

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